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Interior Decorative Coatings

These products include high decorative polished plasters as well as attractive antique style finishes, fresco effects, marble-like textures and texturing compound.

Antique Stucco – An acrylic based Venetian stucco suitable for use on most interior surfaces which can be applied to create traditional and modern effects.

Fresco- A versatile translucent colour wash used for transforming the plainest wall into attractive warm finishes with varying degrees of depth.

Handy Plus – An attractive glaze coat applied over existing coating which gives the wall an attractive pearluscent lustre.

Marble Coat– An acrylic based highly polished marble effect coating used to mimic real marble.

Marmorino – A ready mixed venetian stucco incorporating natural limes and crushed marble to produce a seamless decorative marble mem-brane .

Suede– a high build smooth acrylic based coating used to create a seamless suede pattern on the surface with excellence resistance to staining and scratching.